Inspired by Nature. A bee has one million neurons in its brain. A human has more than 100 billion neurons in its brain. And yet bees are able to make complex, multi-factor decisions with incredible accuracy, such as where to build their hive. The bees are able to use the collective intelligence of the entire group by using a form of communication known as the waggle dance. Nature is full of examples of groups coming together to make better decisions. If nature can do it, why can’t we?

Applied to Humans. Human communication is fundamentally different than that of animals. Swarm technology is a way for people to connect in a real-time environment with closed-loop feedback that mimics what is found in nature. The result is a convergence of knowledge, wisdom, values, intuitions, instincts and insights that are much more intelligent than any single person. Real-time swarms are both precise and powerful.


MarketingIQ is revolutionizing the way market research is conducted. Using Swarm AI® technology, we are able to provide predictions and forecasts that are more accurate. We are also able to measure the conviction of sentiment. The benefits of swarm include:


  • Faster to conduct
  • Results available sooner
  • Fewer participants required
  • More accurate results
  • More insightful reporting
  • Cost effective

How It Works

People come together online and in real-time in, participating in an interface like this. On the top left is a panel for the moderator to communicate with the group. The bottom left has an area for chat. On the right panel is a list of participants.

Each person uses their mouse to control a magnet and exert force on the puck. The magnet responds to input in real-time, as participants try to pull the puck to the answer they want.

Unlike other research methods, the group must come to consensus.