Using AI in Market Reseach

Swarm® technology, powered by Unanimous AI, is the next evolution of market research. By bringing people together in real-time and creating an AI-optimized feedback loop that continuously reacts to their input, the platform able to provide answers that are more precise than traditional tools. As a result, MarketingIQ is able to offer its clients insights that are more powerful than other platforms. 

For more details on the benefits of Swarm® versus traditional research methods, read the research papers provided below.

About Swarm® Technology

The Swarm® platform is cutting edge technology that amplifies human intelligence, creating artificial super experts. Utilizing A.I. algorithms modeled on the swarm behaviors seen in nature, the platform is able to generate outcomes that optimize the combined knowledge, experience and values of participants. By incorporating people’s intuition, values, ethics and morals, Swarm® has proven more accurate and informative than any current method for forecasting.

How swarms outperform:

Surveys and Polls

How can a swarm of 25 people be more accurate than a survey of 400? Survey participants are treated as passive data-points for statistical aggregation. Swarm treats them as active members of a system.

Focus Groups & Town Halls

Groups settings can provide valuable information, but their relevance is limited when the social aspect reduces participation. Swarms removes this element while also adding objectivity to the process.

A/B Testing

Trying to find the best choice through A/B testing is both tedious and time consuming. Swarm offers an alternative that provides almost instant results in a more cost-effective approach.

Wisdom of the Crowd

Also known as "collective intelligence" the concept is based on research showing that groups are collectively smarter than the individuals within them. Crowd wisdom is collective data - but nature has something better.