About MarketingIQ

Our team combines an extensive background in marketing with advanced data techniques to help our clients make better marketing decisions. With Swarm technology powered by Unanimous AI, we are able to provide more insights than traditional market research tactics. As companies become more and more inundated with data we know the value of bringing insights that inform better decision making.

About Swarm® Technology

The Swarm® platform is cutting edge technology developed by Unanimous AI that amplifies human intelligence, creating artificial super experts. Utilizing A.I. algorithms modeled on the swarm behaviors seen in nature, the platform is able to generate outcomes that optimize the combined knowledge, experience and values of participants. By incorporating people’s intuition, values, ethics and morals, Swarm® has proven more accurate and informative than any current method for forecasting.

Precise. Powerful. Proven.

The power of Swarm® has been proven across multiple industries, including medicine, business, sports, entertainment and politics. Unanimous AI has earned a host of high-profile media coverage for the technology, including these notable mentions:

"Relatively small swarms consistently outperform much larger crowds"

"Collective intelligence can accomplish far more than any individual can alone"

"Swarm AI can optimize decision-making while banking on human insight"